I'm releasing new music under the moniker King Mixer.  You can help make this happen, and save $$$ when hiring me for a private party all at once! Win/Win!  Click here to learn more!


Greetings from Eric Howell in the studio! I am releasing new recordings this year and I am reaching out to you, in hopes of crowdsourcing the project.  We're getting close, very close, folks!  As you may know I released my first album, "Greatest Hitch! Vol one" in 2009, along with a subsequent movie.  I'm ecstatic to report I've never heard a bad review.  Ever.  The positive feedback has been fostered in not just one follow up album, but two:  Greatest Hitch Vol 2 (almost completed) and the debut album from my new band, King Mixer.  Why two albums? What's the difference between them?  Greatest Hitch (both Vol 1 and Vol 2) are collections of songs I wrote and recorded many many years ago with old pals. King Mixer, by contrast, is a new collective of my most talented friends recording new songs, capturing a more relevant moment in modern musings. In short, there's my music of the past and my current music of the future and I believe both sets of songs deserve a launch into the world. Many of you agree, thankfully. Upon release of this music, lives will be changed forever. Media will begin paying attention.  TV and film scores will place us in their programming. Legions of people will begin queuing up to see the band.  Jimmy Fallon will have us on.  We believe these songs have the power to change the world and certainly raise the bar in the careers and lives of everyone involved with King Mixer. The goal is to begin tracking in May 2014. I am putting my own money into this project, but in addition, all money raised from the GoFundMe campaign will go towards pro recording studio costs, CD and vinyl pressings, video production, media blitzing. All songs will be available for download worldwide, via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other outlets.  When this happens it will be because of YOU, because you believe, just as as I do, that there's something special happening in this music, and that it's worth sharing.  Of course, there are perks in the package for YOU. So here we go.  It's time for action.  I hope you'll scan the options, make a pledge towards this goal and be part of the story. Any contribution helps and I'll keep you updated on progress. I look forward to playing the new songs for you, and thank you for your support!
~  Eric    *follow the campaign's progress HERE                                                       

   Listen to Greatest Hitch Vol ONE here

Eric Howell original music 'Living In My Shadow' to be included in the CW network TV series 'The Carrie Diaries'

Avid fans of Sex & The City have long been aware of this newly spun television series based on the best selling book of the same name.  The Carrie Diaries depicts a youngster Carrie Bradshaw in her formative high school years, as a prequel to the same character of Sex & The City fame.  Eric Howell's original band The Reform recorded Eric's spirit-lifting 'Living In My Shadow' back in the 80s.  Enter ChopShop Music licensing today:  Word got around that ChopShop was looking to license original music written and recorded in the 80s for inclusion on The Carrie Diaries series, Living In My Shadow was dually submitted, made the cut, and will feature in tonight's April 1st episode (appropriately titled "A First Time For Everything").   The inclusion of 'Living In My Shadow' on this show marks Eric's first foray into music placement within the world of ChopShop Music, film and TV.  Wanna hear it? Watch tonight's episode of 'The Carrie Diaries' & Download 'Living In My Shadow' on iTunes, CDbaby or amazon to revisit Eric's formative years with The Reform.